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Welcome and happy birthday!

Find all the best birthday wishes to your family and your friends! All the birthday quotes and messages of our website can be used for free. You can send birthday SMS, birthday greetings or ecards with all our birthday messages. And especially, happy birthday wishes to all of you!

Birthday facts and information

Birthday obeys to very specific rules of civility and involves the sharing of food. A birthday is organized around four elements: the presence of friends, drinks, candies, and cake. Friends generally bring one or more gifts. Sugary drinks are often carbonated to symbolize the excitement of the party. Sweets are distributed profusely all day.

Birthday Celebration

Depending on the country, a birthday can be celebrated in different ways, although there are always common facts between these traditions. Birthday is, anyway, an important event in the life of a person. Some are more important than others (such as the 18th or 40th birthday, etc…) because they are symbolic.

A lot of people were born in the 22nd September to 5th October range. This can be explained by the fact that conception would have fallen on Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve. Maybe Champagne is not faultless. And in case you want some alternative to the classical Happy Birthday songs, below is a small list of titles and artists that have written birthday songs.

Happy Birthday Songs

Birthday Drinking Song, a song by David Joel Lane and Eric Sage
Happy Birthday!, a song by Yang_Yo-seob
Happy Birthday, a song by NewS
Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian, a song by Apollonia 6
It’s My Birthday, a song by Mýa
It’s Your Birthday, a song by R. Kelly
It’s Your Birthday, created by Luke
Happy Birthday, a song by The Bambi Slam
The Happy Birthday Song, created by Andrew Bird
Happy Birthday, a song by The Birthday Massacre
Happy Birthday, by Monster
Happy Birthday to Me, a song by Cracker
Birthday Dethday, by Dethklok
Birthday Boogaloo, written Monty Harper

Birthday Wishes

May this message bring thousands of good wishes for many happy days. Happy Birthday to you!

All the happy moments of your life belong to you today, tomorrow and always. Wishing you all the best for your Birthday!

A little thought to wish you a happy birthday.


We wish you a happy birthday and very bubbly one!

You always look so young that we forget how time passes. Happy Birthday.

May this anniversary be light and happy and may its memory enlighten long sunny days to come.


I wanted to tell you today that you have not changed at all. May all the happiness be in your life. Happy B Day!

One more candle on your cake, and a surprise gift for you. Happy birthday!

Over time and years, nothing has equalled your love, Mum… Happy Birthday!


On this special day, we all join to wish you the most wonderful birthday.

A very special thought for a very special someone’s birthday. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for a mother

To the most wonderful of all mothers. Here is a little card to tell you how much I love you: happy birthday.

A few soft words for you Mum, from your beloved son, A Very Happy Birthday.

Some sweet thoughts for you Mum: hoping your birthday is even better than last year, but not as good as next year.


Some gifts for you Mum, because I will never be able to compete with what you have done for me. I wish you a great birthday and a wonderful day.

A gift, a few candles and a good cake for you Mum. And the most important, a lot of kisses for your birthday.

I love you Mum, and I wish you a happy birthday. With all my love.


Take the most of everything today Mum, rest and let us get things ready. You deserve it. Happy birthday to you.

I would like to wish a great birthday to the most beautiful and most wonderful Mum. Sweet thoughts on this special day.

Birthday wishes for a father

Happy Birthday Dad! On this special day, here are some gifts to thank you for you support and for being there for me.

I wish a great birthday to the coolest of all Dads. Above all, do not change, and quickly blow out your candles!

Enjoy the day Dad, but do not eat too much cake! I wish you a happy birthday with all my love.


Happy birthday to you, you are the strongest and tallest Dad in the world!

Here are a card and some candies, to wish you a great birthday, and to tell how much I love you Daddy.

On behalf of the luckiest son, Dad, great birthday to you. May this day be joyful and full of surprises.


Gifts, cake and champagne for you Dad: let me wish you a very happy birthday.

A lot of kisses, lots of gifts and lots of warm thoughts for you Dad. Have a happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for friends

Happy birthday my friend! You have always been there for me, so may this day be the highlight of this year.

Here is a card and some goodies as a testimony of my friendship on this special day. I wish you a great birthday.

In contrast to these candles, our friendship is eternal. Here is a small gift for your birthday my friend.


Another birthday that we spend together! And I’m sure there will be many others. I wish you a very happy birthday.

We are proud to be your friends, and even happier to be together for you today. We all wish you a great birthday.

May this year surpass the previous one. I wish you a warm birthday my friend! Gifts and cakes are here in mass today.


Birthdays are a summit of friendship and complicity. We are all here today to tell you how much we love you. Happy birthday colleague!

Since our childhood, I have always been delighted to celebrate your birthday. This is an annual opportunity to meet each other, and I have to say that, despite the years, you have not changed! Do not change, my friend, and I wish you a great birthday.

There are more candles every year, and our friendship is stronger than ever. Here is a little card to tell how much I appreciate you. Take your gifts and have a happy birthday.

Everything is planned today! You must have fun, we take care of everything! I hope this day will be unforgettable, like you my friend. Have a very happy birthday with all your friends.

Birthday wishes for a sister

My sister, you have always been kind to me, and present when I needed you. I wish you a very happy birthday.

My sister, the most beautiful and wonderful of all sisters. Let me wish you a great birthday today!

Even though I have not always been there, I intend to catch the delay in the future. It’s starting today: Happy Birthday Sis!


Some beautiful clothes and a cake to make sure you have a great birthday! And to make this day the best one of the year!

If everyone had a sister like you, the world would be better! Happy Birthday!

My sister, I love you so much! Without you, my life would be very different! Here are some candles and some gifts for you.


I was told that it was your birthday sis… So here is a card. Looking forward to the party tonight…

To my sister and my best friend. To my best partner and my confidante. To my best half… Have a wonderful birthday!

I wish a great birthday to the wonderful young woman you’ve become, my sister. I hope that life goes on spoiling you, because you deserve it!

Birthday wishes for a brother

Happy birthday my brother, you have always been present when I needed you!

All the family and myself wish you a great birthday! A lot of happiness for you today!

You are now responsible, mature, and serious! Keep going, and happy birthday to you bro!


As an older brother, you have always been there for me! It’s my turn to do the same for you today, happy birthday!

You’re my little brother, and now I can say that I am proud of what you’ve become. Happy birthday bro!

Mom made the cake, and I am responsible for the champagne… Dad invited everyone… Excellent birthday bro!


From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best. A great birthday to you!

We have always progressed together, and I chose this day to tell you how happy I am. Happy birthday and best wishes of happiness.

We are not many, but nearly all the family got together for you. Happy birthday bro!

All your brothers and sisters are here to wish you a great birthday. We hope that you will remember this day for a long time.

Birthday wishes for a daughter

To our wonderful little girl, from the happiest parents in the world: very happy birthday!

To our little princess, happy birthday! A surprise is waiting for you this afternoon…

Your parents wish you the best regarding health and happiness! Have a great birthday!


Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and the most serious of all little girls!

And now a day that begins with your friends! They are all invited at home for your birthday! Have a good day my dear!

My angel, you grew up and we are very proud of you! Keep going, and happy birthday!


Honey, tonight, candles are shining like your blond hair! We wish you a very happy birthday!

To our little gem given by the gods, who’s grewing up a little more every day! Have a great day and a happy birthday!

Happy birthday my daughter! Enjoy your youth… and do not forget your old parents later!

Our greatest gift is to have you with us girl! We can never compete with that! Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for relatives

Happy Birthday my uncle, I wish you a lot of good surprises for this special day.

The family is something wonderful, this is why we are all here for you today. Happy birthday from everyone!

All the children wish you a great birthday. And we know there will be many other days like this one!


For this wonderful day, we wish you all the happiness you can imagine for your birthday.

Have an excellent birthday. All our best wishes.

Happy birthday to my godfather. Here is a little card for you, and thank you for being present, as always.


Happy birthday auntie! Even though we are far away, I send you my sweetest thoughts!

Your birthday is always the opportunity to have a family meeting! We are all very happy to see you! Happy Birthday!

I’ve always felt very close to you auntie. I wish you a great birthday, and I kiss you.

Happy birthday to you twins! Much love and much happiness to both of you!

Birthday wishes for a husband

Happy birthday to the most virile and the most beautiful man I know, my husband! I love you, spend a great day!

I know a wonderful, gentle and thoughtful man… my husband! Happy birthday to you darling!

I have prepared a great day for your birthday: a lazy morning in bed, cinema this afternoon and restaurant tonight! Hoping this day will relax you, Happy Birthday!


A small card full of love to wish you a happy birthday my dear!

All our friends get together for your birthday: a pleasant aperitif ahead! Sweet thoughts to you my love!

I send you all my love and a lot of kisses my angel! To the most perfect husband, happy birthday!


You fill me with happiness everyday darling! It’s my turn to give you the same today! Happy Birthday!

One more year together! I am a fulfilled woman, thanks to you. I love you my heart, a great birthday!

You are the most handsome man darling! I wish you a very happy birthday, from your beloved wife!

Don’t do what I wouldn’t do, even if it’s your birthday! I want you all to myself tonight my prince! Very happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for a son

My son, you are now a man! Be strong and reasonable! We trust you! Happy birthday to you!

Years go by, but you will always remain our son, tender and cute! Happy Birthday!

Two parties are coming my son: your friends and your family celebrate your birthday as it should be! Enjoy!


Fantastic people generally have a fantastic life, like you my son! Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday! Every day, we think of you! And today more than usual of course!

For all the love you gave us, here is for you the most wonderful birthday!


You still have your youth for you, my son. Enjoy and live your life as you want! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday my son, you are now stronger and taller than your old dad!

Here are some gifts to show how much we love you darling! You are our greatest success by far!

My son, our little prince, you are like wine, better every year! Have a great birthday!

Birthday wishes for a boyfriend

Happy birthday darling: I must admit that thanks to you, it’s my birthday everyday!

Happy Birthday my Prince! For you, we will all be there for you today!

Here is a card for you my love. Be sure that this day will be festive and romantic.


With all my love, I wish you a great birthday. Let all your wishes come true.

Happy birthday to you. I love you so much.

On behalf of a very romantic person, sweet thoughts and a happy birthday to you my prince.


I’ve been thinking of this event for several days. I have a lot of surprises for you. Happy birthday my love.

I will be your birthday gift all day darling. Have fun…

May all your dreams come true my love. I want you to spend a wonderful day with your friends.

I love you and I dedicate this day to you. A lot of surprises are expecting you: happy birthday to my better half.

Birthday wishes for a girlfriend

I wish you a very happy birthday. I hope this day will be appropriate for a princess like you.

My darling, on this special day, I send you sweet kisses with this card. A little surprise is expecting you at home.

Even if I’m not a food expert, I offer you this small cake. And I hope my gift will compensate the cake…


A very happy birthday my love. Here are some flowers and a small card for a day full of happiness.

A very happy birthday to the most beautiful and the most wonderful of all women: mine!

Although it is your birthday, I must confess darling, you’re the greatest gift I ever received.


Happy birthday darling, from the happiest of all men.

Here is a poor gift for a princess like you… Happy birthday my baby.

I chose this day to tell you how much I love and care about you. I hope this anniversary will be better than the last one, and not as good as the next one. Happy Birthday to you my love.

I will be your gift all day sweetheart. Shopping and party for you today!

Funny birthday wishes

I’m sorry, I forgot your birthday yesterday… But I have two gifts for you today! Happy birthday with a small delay!

Happy Birthday! I don’t know how old you are… and I do not want to know!

As a reminder, today is your birthday! Try to remember this year!


If there are a lot of people in your home tonight, don’t worry… Someone told me that an event is taking place tonight… An excellent birthday!

The cake ingredients were outdated, and the gift wrapping is missing… but have a happy birthday anyway!

I hope you’re not going to sleep, as you did last year! Please do not drink any alcohol this year, and happy birthday!


The gifts are cooked, and the cakes are packed! A lot of happiness and a happy birthday to you!

I’m sorry, no party this afternoon! I want you to come with me and choose a huge birthday gift!

I am sorry but there will be no guests at home for your birthday… They will all be in my home waiting for you! Happy Birthday!

I have no idea how old you are, so there’s only one candle on the cake! But I wish you a great birthday!



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